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Dear Potential New Members,

Welcome to Kappa Delta!! On behalf of the ladies of Zeta Alpha, we are thrilled in your interest in joining the Greek community and participating in Panhellenic Recruitment. Taking the initiative to join the Panhellenic community at Texas Tech is the first step to your growth and development as a young woman. Recruitment is simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking, but always remember that our entire Panhellenic community is incredibly excited to welcome each and every one of you with welcoming arms! Pledging a sorority and committing to a lifetime of sisterhood, trust, and support is a such wonderful opportunity. At Kappa Delta, we look for women who came to Texas Tech University and are committed to becoming the best versions of themselves.

Kappa Delta will always provide you with loving arms and endless laughs as you continuously strive and grow along your college journey. Each and every member of Kappa Delta sparkles in her own way, but our foundations in sisterhood are what allow us to truly shine and grow. I am so excited for each and every one of you to walk through our doors during fall recruitment and for you to find and understand true sisterhood.

Kappa Delta will help you find your best friends, your future roommates, the sisters you call at 2 a.m. when you’re craving ice cream, the women cheering you on at graduation, the women who stand alongside you at your wedding, and the experience of loving sisterhood that will stay in your heart forever.

All of the women of Kappa Delta are incredibly eager to welcome you into our home and to show you what joining a sorority is all about, and to ultimately be your home away from home. I am so excited for your college journey to unfold and blossom as you take the steps to enrich your lives as you join a sisterhood. We cannot wait to meet you soon!



McCaleb Hart

2021 Vice President of Membership



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